7 Best Offline Games for Android and iOS that You Must Try

Playing games can be a fun activity both as a hobby and a way to pass the time. Not just for fun, gaming can also help us reduce stress and fatigue after a busy day.

Moreover, the variety of games available today offers us the opportunity to practice concentration, improve accuracy, and hone our strategic skills. There are games that can be played offline and also those that require an internet connection.

The advantages of playing offline games include saving your internet quota. You can play anytime without worrying about internet availability, so lonely moments can be overcome easily. Simply by downloading the game along with some supporting features at the beginning, you can enjoy playing the game without worrying about excessive quota usage.

Best Offline Games for Android and iOS Users

1. Minion Rush: Running Game

Fans of the Minions from the Despicable Me movie series will definitely be tempted to try Minion Rush, an exciting game available on the Play Store and App Store. In this game, you’ll control running Minions while avoiding various obstacles to avoid getting hit. Not only that, but you can also enjoy daily missions and pursue challenging achievements all the way to the global level. Be sure to play it and join in the non-stop fun with your favorite Minions!


2. Snail Bob 1: Arcade Adventure

Snail Bob is a game that is widely known for its interesting and simple gameplay. In this game, you help Bob the snail through a series of obstacles in each level to reach the end of the journey. With follow-up series like Snail Bob 2: Educational Games and Snail Bob 3: Island Adventure, Bob’s adventures are even more exciting and interesting.


3. Brain Out

If you’re looking for a brain-stimulating game, Brain Out is a great choice. This offline game challenges you with a series of different puzzles and images in each level. With a cute and unique visual design, this game requires you to think creatively and use your logic to the fullest to get to the next level.


4. Once Upon A Tower

Once Upon a Tower takes you to a medieval world full of challenges. In this game, you play a princess trying to escape from a kingdom. Carefully dodge monsters and avoid the blasts of fire unleashed by the dragon watching outside the castle. Collect fireflies throughout your adventure to earn points that can be used to purchase new skills that will strengthen your journey in the face of various obstacles.

5 . Love is In Small Things

Love is In Small Things offers an aesthetic gaming experience with exquisite illustrations. In this game, you will follow the love story of a couple from the beginning of their meeting. While being immersed in the story, you also have to find hidden objects to help their love story progress.

6. Cooking Madness: Kitchen Frenzy

For those of you who have a passion for cooking, Cooking Madness is the perfect game. This game offers a near-real cooking experience, where you can manage various restaurants and level up. Each level offers new challenges and a chance to showcase your culinary skills.


7. Gardenscapes

Gardenscapes is not just a fruit matching game, it also gives you the opportunity to create the garden of your dreams. Every star you collect from completing levels will help you build and beautify your garden. In addition, you will also be accompanied by a pet dog that you can name. Keep playing and collecting stars to make your dream garden a reality.


With these options, there’s plenty of fun waiting for you on your Android and iOS devices. Don’t forget to download and try these games!

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